The ABO Prep course is designed to be a 3 week course. The optimal way to reinforce the learning is to complete a quiz a day after watching each session. That way, you’ll get daily practice of what you’ve learned and be prepared for the next session. This is ideal because the material in each session builds on what you learned in the previous one.

  • Session 1 covers: ocular anatomy, refractive errors, characteristics of plus and minus lenses, decentration, minimum blank size, transposition, and vertex distance compensation.
  • Session 2 covers: light theory, index of refraction, ABBE value, vocabulary, prentice rule, spherical equivalent, and base curve selection.
  • Session 3 covers: astigmatism, ANSI standards, focal length, calculating effective power in given meridians, calculating induced prism in compound lenses, optical cross.

Each recorded session is about 2-3 hours long. Original classes were live and instructor-led via Zoom video conferencing.

Student workbook and study materials are provided.

You will be emailed links to the recordings, quizzes, and class materials after purchase. Access to the streaming recordings lasts for 3 months. (if you need access beyond that time frame, just email or click CONTACT.)

Throughout the course, you will receive occasional check-ins and reminders via text messages.