Prep Course
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The Best Way To Study

What’s the best way to study for the ABO Test? What’s the best way to pass the ABO Test? Preparing for the ABO can be a daunting task. The Optical Nerd ABO Prep class is designed to provide you with explanations of the major concepts of ophthalmic optics as well as ocular anatomy and great test taking tips. In addition to explaining how problems are solved, our goal is to help you understand why the formula works and how to apply what you know in your everyday work.

Man taking ABO test

A Little Practice Everyday

In addition, the Optical Nerd ABO Prep course includes daily practice quizzes to ensure that the concepts learned in the sessions will be easier to remember. A little practice everyday is better than LOTS of practice all at once. Doing a short ABO Practice Quiz each day will help to reinforce the learning.

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What's Included

The ABO Prep Course consists of 3 sessions and is designed to be completed over the course of about 1 month (including the daily ABO Practice Quizzes). Participants will include a Student Workbook, Formula Quick Reference Sheet, ANSI Reference Grid, Ocular Anatomy packet, and a vocabulary list.

Some Of the Concepts We
Discuss Are :

  • Ocular Anatomy
  • Lens Decentration
  • Minimum Blank Size
  • Segment Placement
  • Transposition
  • Vertex Distance Compensation
  • Prentice Rule
  • Spherical Equivalent
  • ANSI Standards
  • Induced Prism in Compound Lenses
  • Optical Cross
  • Nominal Power