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ABO & NCLE Test Prep Classes

Optical Nerd offers ABO & NCLE test preparation classes via video conference. The classes include lots of participant involvement, as well as several provided learning resources.

The curriculum consists of a total of 3 sessions (one session per week) Additionally, quizzes are emailed daily to help you practice the concepts you are learning.

Resources We Provide

Testing with us can give you knowledge and confidence. Attendees of the Test Prep classes will be given access to these resources.

Student Workbook

DAILY practice quizzes

Formula Quick Reference Sheet

ANSI Quick Reference Sheet

Ocular anatomy sheet

Optical vocabulary glossary

Digital Flashcards

Online support community

Grand Review Group Session

CJ is an amazing instructor! When he calls himself an optical nerd he means it. He is so excited and enthusiastic about the material he is teaching that you get excited too. I have been in optics over five years and the way he explained things to me finally made them click! The classes have a great layout and were a lot of fun, the daily quizzes really lock in the information. You cannot go wrong by studying with Optical Nerd!

Kendall P.

Best class Ive ever taken!! CJ really makes the optical world so understandable and down to earth! Do yourself a favor and sign up for his classes!

Jennifer L.

CJ is amazing. The class was very informative and so easy to follow. CJ accommodates for all learning styles.He is also very knowledgeable on what things will be on the ABO along with common mistakes to try and avoid.

Samantha S.

Thank you so much CJ! I'm truly enjoying the learning process you are starting with us. I've learned so much in just these couple of sessions and I've been in optical for 25 years. You're a great teacher and I'm grateful for this opportunity to grow in the field.

Theresa C.

After failing the ABO twice I decided to give it one more chance but this time having CJ as my tutor, Hes amazing very knowledgeable and down to earth. The way he explain everything, he makes it so simple! Hes awesome. What are you waiting for?? Sign up for your ABO and be successful in the optical world!

Miosotis S.

Thank you for always staying on top everything! I really appreciate having you through all of these sessions! Its been a fun experience learning about optical with you. I think youre totally awesome with your full energy and sharing your knowledge to each and everyone of your students!

Hieu T.

I'm really enjoying the way CJ teaches. It's making learning the hard stuff so much easier.

Becky S.

Let’s learn optics together.

No matter what course you pick, our courses will engage and reinforce everything you’ve learned as you go along. For both live and recorded sessions, we’ve found a way to interact with our students that leaves a lasting impact and sets them up for success.

Prentice Rule

Our Guarantee

Students who complete the test prep program from Optical Nerd have about a 95% pass rate – compared to only about a 57% percent pass rate nationwide for first time test takers. If, after taking the live, instructor-led Optical Nerd test prep classes, you do not pass, you are welcome to take the next set of classes before your scheduled exam date – free of charge.
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